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Russ Timpson

Russ Timpson, founder and CEO of Horizonscan, a company focusing on risk, resilience and client companies readiness for crisis events.

He began his fire career with Kent Fire Brigade, during which time he completed the Fire Engineering Degree Course at South Bank University.

On leaving the Fire Service, he took up the position of Head of Safety for Virgin Atlantic Airways, leading a multidisciplinary team of safety, health and environmental specialists. Highlights included opening new airline routes to South Africa and the Carib-bean.

In 1999, Timpson was headhunted by UK airport operator, BAA, to lead the response to the major fire at Heathrow’s Terminal 1. In the following five years, he contributed to several major airport construction projects; including the skyway at Gatwick Airport and T5 at Heathrow Airport.

Timpson was awarded the HSE’s award for European Safety and Health at Work achievement 1998, European Strategic Risk Management Award 2004, International Fire professional of the Year 2015, and CIR International Risk Management Award 2017.

He now works as a consulting resilience/business continuity advisor to several multina-tional companies. Timpson is past president of the UK South East Branch of the Institute of Fire Engineers and is the inventor of the Crisisboardroom concept for management of crisis events