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Alois Hirschmugl Brigadier General, Austrian Armed Forces (AAF); Trainer and expert

Alois A Hirschmugl, Brigadier General, Legal Advisor, Austrian Armed Forces (AAF); Trainer and expert for disaster management; Director DMAT Consulting KG.

Dr Hirschmugl was with the Austrian Armed forces for more than 35 years. Since 1999, he has been a member of the United Nations Disaster Assessment and Co-ordination (UNDAC) team, and a Civil Protection Expert for the European Commission since 2006. Besides his peacekeeping tour to Cyprus (1986), he participated in numerous UN and EU missions, e.g. the flood disaster of Mozambique - twice (2000), Bangladesh (2004) and Pakistan (2010), the earthquakes disaster of Algeria (2003), Iran (2004) and Indonesia (2006), the Southeast Asian tsunami (2005), an explosion of an ammunition depot in Albania (2008) as well as the explosion on a naval power base in Cyprus, which destroyed a power plant in Cyprus (2011) and a UNDAC Disaster Response Preparedness mission to the occupied Territories of Palestine (2014).

Dr Hirschmugl is also an independent consultant for Disaster Management Advice and Training ( as well as a trainer/lecturer for different institutions. He is and has been involved in several EU Civil Protection projects such as European Technical Assistance Co-operation (EUTAC), European Emergency Temporary Shelter (EURETS), European Aerial Medical Evacuation Team (EURAMET) as well as partner of FP7 Space Project GEO-PICTURES (GMES and Earth Observation combined with Position based Image and sensor Communications Technology for Universal Rescue, Emergency and Surveillance), subcontractor in BEATLES (BGAN Enhanced Alphasat Technology and L-band Extended Spectrum) and VISEO-FUSION (Video/Image/Sensor/EO - FUSION) and at the moment partner in FP7 Security Project SPARTACUS (Satellite Based Asset Tracking for Supporting Emergency Management in Crisis Operations). Under the presidency of the former USG, Mr Kofi A Annan, he also was a foundation board member of the Global Humanitarian Forum and mainly involved in Civil Military Co-operation.

He holds a Master and Doctorate degree in Law and published a handbook on the legal aspects for peace support operations, humanitarian and disaster management operations.