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Volume 15 »

Issue 1

Volume 15 - Issue 1 Click on the cover image for full summaries of articles.

Comment: Getting the 'wrong' people around the table; Grey rhinos, a metaphor for our times - interview with Michele Wucker; Mitigating disasters in a fractured world by Amy Pope.

Australian bushfires: Fire Service response; Operation Bushfire Assist; When can we talk frankly? A total rethink.

Frontline response: Albania earthquake; A peek into the future with the Singapore Civil Defence Force; INSARAG anniversary.

Business continuity: Is business continuity headed in the right direction? The role of enterprise risk management; Brexit - creating resilience from turmoil; Preparing a frontline response service for Brexit; Leadership and Covid-19; Performing under pressure; Special focus on DRIVER+.

Communities: A centre of hope in Cambodia; A new peacebuilding model; The importance of cultural understanding in managing crises; How citizens are vital co-actors; Unprompted acts of kindness - spontaneous volunteers; Preparedness for children; Testing and exercising in the Caribbean; How Virtual Reality enhances humanitarian learning.

Security: The dangers lurking in our digital shadows; Leaders on the cyber battlefield; Cyber threats to emergency services; Counterterrorism in cities.

Cities & Society: The tall buildings challenge; Tall buildings and high reliability; Health systems - a critical element in national emergency preparedness; Delivering a different approach to hospital design.

Tech for good: The global impact of drones; Crisis mapping.

Regulars: Events; Review of Humanitarian Networks Partnership Week; Conference in Indonesia; Frontline interview - President and CEO of Blocks.