About Holmatro

Holmatro is a globally operating company with manufacturing plants in the Netherlands and the US, and representative offices in England, China and Poland. Holmatro has got an extensive network of dealers on all continents. Holmatro’s hydraulic products are used across the entire globe. 

Holmatro designs, develops, manufactures and supplies Rescue Equipment, Industrial Equipment and Marine Equipment globally. Its products are innovative, high quality and above all effective under the most diverse conditions.

Introducing Holmatro

Since 1967, Holmatro has manufactured and supplied high-pressure hydraulic equipment for specialised industries around the world.

Today, there are three companies in the Holmatro group, each dedicated to producing high-performance solutions for specific markets and applications:

Holmatro Rescue Equipment manufactures high-pressure hydraulic rescue equipment for fire brigades and rescue organisations. Holmatro rescue tools are recognised worldwide for their high quality and performance.

Holmatro Industrial Equipment produces high-pressure hydraulic lifting, bending, pulling and cutting equipment for industrial applications. In addition to standard equipment, the company has a proven track record with special projects.

Holmatro Marine Equipment specialises in onboard hydraulic systems, boom vangs, backstay tensioners, cylinders, control panels, emergency cutters and winches, meeting the needs of modern or classic yacht sailors.



From retailer to manufacturer for a worldwide market

In 1967, Messrs Nöllen and Wessels started a homebased trading business that specialised in hydraulic equipment. Over forty years later, Holmatro is a successful manufacturer that employs approx. 320 people worldwide

The business realised successful sales, but the journey from Japan – from where most of the equipment initially originated – could take a long time. So the business considered the idea of manufacturing its own hydraulic equipment. This first started under license, but later progressed to own improved designs. At the first business premises in Woerden, activities primarily focused on the sale of pneumatic equipment. Holmatro, still called Holmatra at the time, placed great emphasis on the ship-building industry as this was booming business in the Netherlands in the 1970s. Slowly but surely, products for other industrial markets also came to the fore. After a few years, plans for the first expansion were drawn up.

Master stroke


Companies were given a helping hand by the introduction of the WIR by the government of Joop den Uyl. This allowed large business premises to be established at the industrial site in Raamsdonksveer. In 1975 Holmatro relocated to Lissenveld 47. That year also saw rescue equipment being considered, after a request from a client who worked for the voluntary fire service. Branching out into this market segment proved to be a master stroke and allowed Holmatro to excel. Business Development Director Kick Schütz, who was the first employee to join the company in 1970, still remembers this period very well. “Thanks to the technology we possessed, we saw various opportunities to improve products and make them lighter. This proved a great success.” The business premises quickly became too small and were expanded on multiple occasions. In 1990 Holmatro relocated to ‘the other side’. “A hard decision because the high-visibility location near the motorway was exchanged for a more anonymous setting. The large amount of available land was the decisive factor.”



Continued growth


The growth continued. Rescue equipment was now being exported worldwide and Holmatro had become the largest manufacturer of high-pressure hydraulic rescue equipment in the world. The Industrial division also grew, albeit at a less spectacular rate. Further, 2004 saw the takeover of the company Meissner, which was a supplier of winches. This step opened up the pleasure yacht market. Thus products could now be offered to industry, fire brigade/rescue services and the sailing world.
“The one consistent factor remains the use of hydraulic power. We thus always focus on the user and the various uses. This is partly demonstrated by our local dealer network, which provides us great insight into the market. Our service mechanics are intensively involved with looking after our products, which allows them to find ways to improve our designs. Training courses for clients and dealers – where the various uses of our products are clearly demonstrated – also offer us ideas from clients, which are then considered and implemented."


Towering heights


2004 saw the first plans being drawn up for building a separate location for the Marine and Industrial Equipment business units. A new location was needed because ground at the existing site had already been designated to the expansion of production capacity for the Rescue Equipment division.
Considering that no suitable building ground could be found in Raamsdonksveer, the focus was shifted to Oosterhout, along the A59. When building plans had already reached an advanced phase, the business hall of Mecari Plastics burnt to the ground. Thus, this plot of land next to the A27 in Raamsdonksveer became unexpectedly available. Schütz: “After many design studies and after excellent collaboration with the municipality, we received permission to build premises that were 30 metres high. Though the original location plans only indicated a maximum height of 12 – 15 metres. So 2007 and 2008 saw business premises being built that would act like a beacon for the surrounding area.
In March 2009, the Holding and the Industry and Marine divisions relocated to Lissenveld 30. The Rescue division remained at its existing location on the Zalmweg.