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Expand the boundaries of healthcare

Mobile healthcare facilities provided by Q-bital offer an excellent resource for providers across the globe, who are facing mounting pressure in a number of areas. Demand for high quality, efficient patient services is growing, often faster than infrastructure projects can be instated to meet these requirements.

Q-bital mobile facilities provide additional capacity to help alleviate a bottleneck in patient flow, whether that is through increased demand for elective procedures or through lack of bed space availability. This improved patient flow can free up hospital resources through an increase in efficiency, helping to maintain treatment targets and to release pressure on internal hospital systems.

Additional capacity can also provide a means to maintain operational resilience during refurbishment periods. For hospitals with no alternative facilities available, closing a theatre or ward for refurbishment can mean a losing control over patient treatment pathways as well as a loss of revenue. A mobile facility is ideal to offset this loss of capacity in the short term, particularly where infrastructure projects may not be a cost effective or efficient undertaking.

Utilising mobile facilities allows healthcare providers to plan for a flexible, reliable response to capacity pressures, whether those are seasonal or due to planned infrastructure changes. It enables hospitals to provide treatment for their patients on their existing site, delivered by their own staff. The benefits when compared to the traditional method of outsourcing to external providers because of insufficient capacity are numerous.

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