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Vimpex Ltd

Established in 1994, Vimpex is a specialist supplier of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Thermal Imaging Cameras, Technical Rescue products and Lighting & Power Solutions to the Paramedic, Rescue, Police, Military and associated markets.

Vimpex staff are trained in the demonstration, service and repair of all tools and equipment we sell. We are official service and warranty repair agents for all petrol and electric Makita products, as well as TNT Hydraulics & Ogura Rescue and Industrial Tools.

We are active members of several trade bodies including FIRESA, ADS and the FIA. Our management systems are accredited to ISO9001:2002. For more information please visit:


Product & Services

Technical Rescue | USAR | Extrication:

Hydraulic Rescue Tools - Cutting, spreading and breaching tools for extrication, USAR, police forced entry and specialist military applications. Partnering Ogura and TNT gives our customers access to tools from the smallest, to the most powerful hydraulics available.

Paratech Technical Rescue Equipment - Paratech manufactures an ever-increasing number of emergency service, industrial and law enforcement products. Their specialty is tools for technical rescue and vehicle stabilisation, but they have also developed products that are used in applications for shipboard damage control, pipeline, mining, rail, quarries, vehicle maintenance and recovery.

Other Rescue Products - Extrication Sharps Covers; Vehicle Stabilisation; Cutters Edge Fire & Rescue Saws; RopeRatchet Tie Downs; RHYNO Windshield Cutter; Makita Power Tools, Blades and Accessories; Amphibio Water Strainer; Blowhard PPV Fans.

PPE | Thermal Imaging:

Pacific Helmets - Our PPE products are based around a range of fully certified professional safety helmets for paramedics, ambulance services, fire & rescue services, USAR & extrication teams, police, marine rescue and recreational use.

Vimpex Rescue & Firefighter Gloves - Vimpex Gloves are designed for firefighters and rescue professionals. They have all of the features needed to protect hands from sharps, hot tools, hot vehicle components and in the case of the BBP gloves, from bodily fluids.

Pegaso Safety Glasses - A highly stylish and ergonomic range of safety glasses and safety sunglasses, all certified to EN166.

FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras - Handheld Thermal Imaging Cameras enable quick visualisation of the plan of attack, location of hot spots and the saving lives.

Lighting | Power Solutions:

Portable Scene Lighting - Scalable lighting solutions offering portable and trolley mounted lighting systems for all applications.

Adaro ADALIT Safety Torches - High performance rechargeable LED safety torches designed for the emergency services and other demanding professionals.

Power Solutions - AC and DC Generators and Robopak Battery Packs for lighting and general use.