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New partnership between Pix4D and CRJ 

The Crisis Response Journal is proud to announce its new Key Network Partnership with digital mapping and photogrammetry expert, Pix4D.

The company’s ground-breaking software suites are trusted by professionals in the agriculture, surveying and public safety spheres who want smoother workflows and repeatable results from their research and findings. Pix4D programs can be used for anything from turning 2D evidence into 3D and reconstructing crime scenes, to conducting topographical surveys on construction sites, to gathering data to help farmers minimise soil erosion and manage their irrigation systems.

Earlier this year, the Pix4Dmapper and Pix4Dcapture software programs were used to help to capture data on the clean-up operation after the Australian bushfires. The programs helped to estimate the volume of waste that needed to be dealt with. And after Hurricane Dorian in 2019, Pix4D software was deployed in the Bahamas to assist with situational awareness and the subsequent recovery process. The software can also be applied to search and rescue missions and crowd management at events.

Its new initiative, Pix4Dreact is designed for public safety and emergency response teams so that they can use drones to carry out 2D fast-mapping. This will help the teams to capture the data they are looking for, process it quickly, evaluate the maps on the ground, share the maps with the relevant decision-makers and respond to the situation as it evolves.

CRJ is pleased to be working with Pix4D to promote its Pix4Dreact software in order that emergency responders can carry out their operations safely, quickly and effectively.

You can register here to watch Pix4D's popular webinar on Rapid Tactical Mapping in Public Safety and Disaster Response.

For more details, visit the company’s partner page here

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