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Alliance of Trust - 6th International Fair of Defence, Security, Protection and Rescue SOBRA 2016 

SOBRA 2016, the 6th International Fair of Defence, Security, Protection and Rescue, will run from 22 to 24 September 2016 on the crossroads of Slovenia with Austria, Croatia and Hungary and will present equipment, know-how and the most important institutions that provide defence preparedness, citizen security as well as protection and rescue in natural and other disasters. It will offer professional exhibitions and conferences, with advice for visitors, dynamic presentations, as well as educational and social events in which the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Slovenia, the Slovenian Armed Forces, the Police, the Administration for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief and the Firefighters Union of Slovenia will participate. Equipment for defence, security, protection and rescue intended for professionals, voluntary organizations and citizens will be presented by 100 commercial exhibitors from 10 countries.

At the SOBRA Fair duty bound members and voluntary organizations as well as citizens will be able to learn about the latest defence, security, rescue and protective equipment, and at professional consultations become acquainted with good practices and new technical findings. All who responsibly care for the safety of their homes, families and property will find appliances and expert advice for self-protection. Every day visitors will be able to test their skill in shooting with an air rifle, in shooting with various simulators, as well as safe driving on a simulator motorbike ride. Visitors will also be able to take a ride on real military vehicles, try stews from a military cauldron and enjoy performances by the Orchestra of the Slovenian Armed Forces. They will be able to witness performances by the Guarda – the Slovene National Guard, presentations of the skills, equipment and know-how of Slovenian soldiers and performances by the Sports Unit of the Slovenian Armed Forces. Young job seekers will be able to get acquainted and find career opportunities. Police officers will demonstrate their motorbike skills, work with police dogs and teach citizens about self-defence. A special educational corner is devoted to the youngest visitors, and for everyone melodious musical performances by the Police Orchestra, as a complete orchestra and in various ensembles. The Administration for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief will acquaint visitors about protection against natural and other disasters as well as personal and mutual protection. On Friday, attractive for visitors and also instructive will be an international fire drill, organized by the Association of Fire Fighters Gornja Radgona. The fair will be officially opened by the Defence Minister, Andreja Katic. At the closing ceremony the public will be addressed by Slovenia's Interior Minister, Vesna Györkös Žnidar.

I.D. CARD 2016


Producers and representatives of manufacturers from Slovenia and visiting countries will offer the most modern weapons, means of transport, electronic and optical equipment, information, communication and laboratory technology, training aids and products for supply and consumption. There will also be personal protective equipment, clothing, shoes, medical supplies, food packages, rescue aids in the case of floods, fire and earthquakes, burglary protection and alarm systems, fire-fighting and rescue vehicles and equipment, orientation aids as well as first aid equipment and safety at work.

Companies within the exhibition space of the economic department of the Austrian Embassy will present guns, snow chains, sleeping bags, protective clothing, audio, video and data communications, as well as equipment for firefighters. The Austrian Army will show the Pandur 6x6 off-road vehicle, and the Austrian company GD European Land Systems - Steyr GmbH the Eagle 4x4 vehicle. Of interest will also be the upgrading of the Toyota Landcruiser 200 into a bulletproof vehicle, which will be presented by the company Farmingtons Automotive GmbH from Germany.

Also participating with an exhibition space at the fair is the Embassy of the Republic of Poland. They will provide information on the Polish Defence Group, which brings together more than 60 key enterprises and the whole industry that can with more than 500 manufacturers provide a full range of equipment. Especially well-known and esteemed are helicopters, drones or target equipment, as well as numerous start-ups that offer unique technological solutions.



Members of the Slovenian Armed Forces will, at operational points, in detail explain and present the specialty of their unit to visitors, and will be happy to answer questions. They will show the weapons and equipment belonging to different special branches. Presented will be possible career opportunities at the time of service in the Slovenian Army, both in the profession of a professional soldier as well as a non-commissioned officer and officer. The Slovenian Armed Forces presentation will take place in three phases: as static demonstrations in the area Z1 in front of Hall A, as dynamic presentations in the form of the reactions of a professional soldier in defined tactical situations on the Central polygon and as a fair sideline activity. In this context, visitors can at different locations watch the performances of the Slovenian Army Orchestra, the Garda – the Slovene National Guard, and the Sports Unit, and can try shooting with an air gun and driving with military vehicles.



The Police will at its exhibition space in Hall A and on the outside platforms present: general policing, road safety, protection of national borders, the work of the criminal police and the police forensics, the protection of persons, the work of police on the waters, special unit, service dogs and horses, the work of the aviation police unit, the history of the police and other interesting content. They have also prepared a special corner "Police for Children". In Hall A there will be a host of musical performances by the sextet and quartet of the Police Orchestra and practical demonstrations of police procedures and self-defence using different requisites. Police instructors will advise visitors also on the use of various self-defence techniques. During the three day fair visitors can test their skills also on a simulator motorbike ride. Every day on the Central polygon handlers of police dogs will present their work, and on the last day of the fair at the Central polygon, visitors can watch an attractive drill by a police helicopter and the Police Mountain Unit.



The Slovenian Fire Service is based on voluntary service, since only in major cities are professional fire departments set up. Today, the Firefighters Union of Slovenia unites over 120 fire associations, 1,348 volunteer fire brigades, in which there are more than 162,000 members, of which 25% are youths and 23% members. Almost 40,000 operational firefighters are trained and deployed in operational firefighting units, providing high operational readiness for protection and rescue in the event of fires and natural and other disasters. Presented at the exhibition space of the Firefighters Union of Slovenia will be the history of Slovenian firefighting as well as its organization and activities. Particular emphasis will be on training and firefighting competitions. Also presented will be data on interventions and the last major intervention.


The Administration for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief will in the exhibition Hall A2 and in the area in front of Hall A2 present its organization and main activities. Presented in this context will be damage assessment after natural and other disasters, monitoring systems, notification and public alerts, information-communication systems, training, personal and mutual protection, research and development, and international cooperation.

Presented in more detail will be activities and equipment of units, services and civil protection authorities and other operational structures of associations and non-governmental organisations involved in protection, rescue and aid.

The Administration will implement promotional activities in connection with protection against natural and other disasters for preschool and school children. They have prepared a "Children's Corner" and a quiz for young visitors to the fair.

Foreign professionals in the field of protection against natural and other disasters from the border counties and countries of Hungary, Croatia, Italy and Austria have been invited to the fair and to also collaborate.




Robi Fišer, Project Manager, phone +386 2/5642 113, e-mail:

Boris Nicolas Erjavec, Project Manager, phone: +386 2/5642 115, e-mail:

Miran Mate, Public Relations, phone +386 41263107, e-mail: 

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