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Military structures being used for humanitarian purposes 

With natural disasters happening seemingly more and more often, people worldwide are being displaced from their homes and left often with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

The world is in dire need of portable structures that can be taken to areas quickly when a disaster occurs – in 2016 more than 24.2 million new people were displaced from their homes due to natural disasters. One company, World Housing Solution, is helping to give people a place to live while they pick up the pieces.


World Housing Solution (WHS) was originally created for military use and has been used around the world by the US military as medical units, living quarters and latrines. However, with the recent devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, World Housing Solution has found a way to pivot their efforts.

After seeing the destruction and flooding in Texas, CEO and Founder of WHS, Ron Ben-Zeev, decided there was something he could do with the demo structure he had sitting in his warehouse. Ron and his team, along with the help of volunteers, built the unit and drove it to Texas in order for it to serve as a makeshift medical center for those in need. It ended up being used by SETRAC and placed outside the NRG Stadium in Houston for the welfare of the first responders.

WHS’s structures are rapidly deployable insulated structures that can be shipped and built quickly and efficiently with no expert help. The units are made with lightweight, yet durable materials that can withstand hurricane force winds and generate their own power in areas with limited or no access thanks to solar panels– providing the perfect alternative to tents, shipping containers and other make-shift shelters. The structures can be built on top of adjustable platform above ground – allowing them to be placed almost anywhere, even where the land is uneven or covered in sand.

For more information on World Housing Solution and its military and humanitarian initiatives, please click here  

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