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Robert Fagan

Robert FaganDuring his 30-year military career, Colonel Robert ‘Rob’ Fagan, US Army (Retired) deployed to humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations in multiple countries primarily in the Western Hemisphere. He has trained and exercised with dozens of countries, building partnership capacity and promoting interoperability for crisis response. He currently works as a global crisis management consultant in the private and public sectors. Rob will be writing and blogging in the future for CRJ, with articles on public/private partnerships, emergency preparedness for children, and free humanitarian, response, and emergency management training from around the world.

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Rob Fagan reflects on his recent participation in NATO’s online Crisis management and disaster response course
Rob Fagan explores the Emergency Planning College's (EPC) online resources for remote learning and training and finds that the organisation has moved swiftly and efficiently to adapt to the surge in demand.
The Crisis Response Journal recently highlighted that in the United States one of our important ‘go to’ resources is the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Updated almost hourly, this very useful website is applicable to everyone in terms of knowing what
In the first of a new series of blogs, CRJ Advisory Panel member Rob Fagan explains how you can enhance your professional development and training in all hazards understanding, crisis leadership, and global emergency management topics writ large on a cost
Rob Fagan introduces the US National Academy of Sciences’ LabX and its free series of exercises known as the 'Extreme Event Game'.
The Uniformed Services University (USU) of the health sciences is the US military’s centre of excellence in research and practice for many different public health related disciplines, writes Rob Fagan. As such, it offers a number of health sciences educat
Emergency management course offers flexibility and innovative experiential learning
Distance and online education change as quickly as the technology, pedagogy and adult education that support such learning morphs from one system to the next, writes Robert Fagan.
Robert Fagan looks at another free emergency preparedness resource for the Crisis Response Journal. Happy New Year! I hope you’ve made a resolution and commitment to improve your readiness and preparedness levels for yourself and your family in all areas
In this month’s blog on free preparedness training and education it’s Robert Fagan’s pleasure to highlight the course Staying Safe: How to Be Prepared in the Modern World from the United Kingdom’s Emergency Planning College (EPC).
This month Rob Fagan’s blog about free emergency management training and education focuses on a very timely and useful source: the Safe + Ready Institute.
Our regular blogger Robert Fagan announces an international training exercise that looks at whole community resiliene and response planning in the face of threats to lifeline infrastructures.
Rob Fagan, our newest blogger, will be promoting free training and education in our chosen fields for everyone, regardless of nationality or location. In the vast majority of cases access to the various resources and courses does assume access to the Inte
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Robert Fagan,Rob Fagan
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