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Mostafa Sayyadi

Mostafa Sayyadi

Mostafa is a management consultant at Change Leader Consulting, Inc in San Diego, California. He works with senior business leaders to effectively develop innovation in companies and he helps companies – from start-ups to the Fortune 100 – succeed by improving the effectiveness of their leaders. He is a business book author and a long-time contributor to business publications and his work has been featured in top-flight business publications

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July 2022: Mostafa Sayyadi outlines six styles of the Level Up leadership model, designed to increase and build rapport between leaders and followers
April 2022: Mostafa Sayyadi explores how fostering a positive corporate culture can enhance company performance, how to enable better leadership strategies and also provides a new definition for knowledge management
April 2022: Mostafa Sayyadi offers advice to those in leadership positions in a post-pandemic world in terms of leadership skills, knowledge management and business adaptations
February 2022: Mostafa Sayyadi summarises six of the best practices of talent management in the post-pandemic crisis
January 2022: In his latest blog, Mostafa Sayyadi aims to inspire a new wave of thinking in the fields of leadership and organisational studies and to help people achieve their plans and goals as they recover from the pandemic
Senior management consultant, Mostafa Sayyadi explores the most effective leadership practices necessary to achieve success in such an uncertain global era.
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Mostafa Sayyadi
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