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Volume 1  Issue 1 

Issue 1
: Firefighting during terror and war

INCIDENT REPORT: Rescue at Glasgow factory collapse; Waste fire rages for two months; Under fire - school siege in Russia; Tornado strikes Czech town; Tank farm blaze in Tanzania; The Indian fire problem; Floods in Cornwall; Dealing with the Media; Natural disasters - urban implications; Dealing with complex emergencies

IN DEPTH: Chemical and biological issues; Aviation terrorism; Vehicle rescue; International rescue teams; Online training; Fire, Police and EMS co-operation

PARTNERS PAGES: Designers on better chemical protection; Meeting Fire and Police needs

AUTHORS: Lt. Col. Philippe Schulz; Will Stewart; Vladimira Hacsikova; Richard Baker; SK Dogra; Alex Thomson; Mostafa Mohaghegh; Emily Hough; Michael J Powers; Gunnar Kuepper; Seth Armstrong; Hohn Holland and Paul Wooster; Frank Straub; Holger R. Maier, Sheila Kavanagh, Randall Kindley, Allan Carrington and Judi Baron


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