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Volume 1  Issue 2

Issue 2INCIDENT REPORT: Denmark's firework blast; Quake rescues in Japan; Rescuers killed in Bangkok; Madrid terror attacks; Underground duct blaze;

ASIAN TSUNAMI: Can lessons be learnt; International assistance; Emergency response in Thailand; Crisis management; Military assistance; Fire Service operations; From relief to rehabilitation;

FEATURES: Integrated disaster response; Leading for our future; A command system for all agencies?; Adapting to new threats; Public partners;Epidemic - a case study

IN DEPTH: International rescue teams; Chemical and biological issues; Vehicle rescue; Elements of preparedness


AUTHORS: CFO Henrik B Hansen; Yoshihiko Ishikawa; Tony Oliver; Joaquin Saez Murcia; Richard Baker; S.K. Dogra; Tony Frisch; Laura Wilshaw; R Santhanam; Thayi Hari; Mr Thiruppugazh; Emily Hough; Mike HAll; Arnold M Howitt and Herman B 'Dutch' Leonard; Adi Moncaz; Daniel Seet; Lam Chun-man and Leung Shi-hong; Michael J Powers; Seth Armstrong; Gunnar J Kuepper


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