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Volume 2  Issue 3 

2-3INCIDENT REPORTS Australia’s tropical tempest; Kenya building collapse; Forest fires – facing up 2006; Groundbreaking USAR exercise

ASSOCIATION NEWS International network; Assessing lessons learned

FEATURES Predicting the future?; Crime, DVI and policing; Improving Europe’s disaster response; Earthquakes and fire

SPORTING EVENTS Exercising for World Cup scenarios; Turin Winter Olympics; Safety at the Commonwealth Games

CIVIL / MILITARY CO-OPERATION Working together – a civil partnership; An evolving role for NATO?; Armed forces in India

IN DEPTH Multi-agency / multi-national response; Crisis response and climate change; Beyond Katrina: improving response; Telemetry – part II; Crisis response and privacy

DISCUSSION The borderline of chaos; Urgent issues faced in South Africa

EVENTS: Shaping response to future disasters; Forthcoming events and calendar

PARTNERS PAGES Lion’s new protection kit; Clearer focus for better results; Exercise joint response

AUTHORS: Kathryn Ryan; John Holland; Sonia Rufino; Anya Hastwell; Arthur Rabjohn; Jan Weges; Mike Rothery; Charles Kim; Guido Bertolaso; Adi Moncaz; Albrecht Broemme; Loris Munaro; Lindsay Hansch; Friedrich Brohs; James Pardew and Chris Bennett; Gopaliji Malviya; Raj Rana; Dave Robinson; Arnold M Howitt and Herman B ‘Dutch’ Leonard; Graham Croome; Steven Comerford and Irina Jeliazkova


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