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Volume 4  Issue 1 

4-1INCIDENT REPORTS: US bridge collapse; Phuket air crash; Volcanic eruption in Réunion; Response to Peruvian quake; Forest fires in Greece

INTERVIEW: The man who can: Salvano Briceno

PROFILES: Search and rescue in Iceland; Russia’s EMERCOM; South Africa’s volunteer rescuers

FEATURES: Medical perspective on limited mass casualty trauma; Co-ordinating CBRN preparedness; Reconstruction in Lebanon; Risky business

IN DEPTH: Good governance part I; Crisis management part II; Safety at major events part II; Looking backwards part II; Wildland fires part II; A question of communication part I

REGULAR SECTIONS: Comment – more recognition; for disaster psychology ; Floodfighters 2007 review; Diary dates; IDER 2007 review; The new face of European civil protection; Lessons Learned

AUTHORS: Deputy Chief Rob Allen; Gareth Marshall; Ioannis Kapakis; Emily Hough; Friðfi nnur Freyr Guðmundsson; Irina Andrianova; Hilary Phillips; Jonathon Lohn, Kevin Fong and Simon Withey; Richard Stowe; Nicolas Hefner; Mostafa Mohaghegh; Irwin Turbitt; Robert Jensen; Klaus Maurer; Jay Levinson; Nikola Nikolov; Andy Clark; Dennis Davis; Mark Bryce;


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