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Volume 6  Issue 1 

6-1INCIDENT REPORTS: Trouble in paradise; Quake in Sumatra; Typhoon Morakot; Wedding tent arson

INTERVIEWS: Singapore prepared; Russian response ON EXERCISE: FloodFighters and FloodEx; Multi-agency working

FEATURES: Oceans of change; Command structure research; Plea for assistance; Disaster preparedness; Malevolent use of radiation

IT AND CYBER SECURITY: Safety in cyberspace; Analysing ICT dependencies; Defence against cyber crime

IN DEPTH: CBRN: Revolutionised reporting; View Finder; Looking Backwards: Disaster exercises; Complex urban response; Wildfires in South America

REGULAR SECTIONS: CSARN; Books; Events; EU civil protection; From the unknown; Lessons learnt

PARTNER PAGES: Stabilising business in disaster; Overseas assistance; Meeting higher expectations; Booz Allen Hamilton

AUTHORS: Carlos Fuentes Nieto and Marta San Segundo Campo; John Holland; Kuwait Fire Department; Emily Hough; Sergey Shoygu; David Lane; Andy Marshall; Mostafa Mohaghegh; Fabio Bisogni and Paulo Fusco; Ivonne Ramos; Bijan Daftari; Raphael Perl and Nemanja Malisevic; Fabio Bisogni and Simona Cavallini; Jayne Clinton; Andy Oppenheimer; Jay Levinson; Ian Portelli and Mollie Marr; María I Manta and Patricia Sanhueza; Mical de Boer; Mike Hall


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