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Volume 6  Issue 3

6-3INCIDENT REPORTS: Christchurch quake response; Russian heat wave; Congo recovery; India air tragedy; Inundation threatens millions; Fire and oil in the Gulf of Mexico

INTERVIEW: Global risk management

PROFILE: Logistics in disasters

FEATURES: Could a solar flare knock out the lights?; Predicting evacuation success; Engine brown-outs; Mapping the way for senior executives; FloodEx 2009: Lessons identified; The CBRN threat; IDER mission to the Philippines; Social networking: A tool for hackers; Social networking: A tool for hackers; Wildfires in the Caribbean; Planning for business

REGULAR SECTIONS: Books; Events; From the unknown; EU: Host nation support; EU: Civil protection expansion?; Lessons Learnt

PARTNERS: The recovery challenge; Building TETRA coverage into tunnels

AUTHORS: Emily Hough; Lina Kolesnikova; Hilary Phillips; Christina Müschen; Tony Phillips and Madhulika Guhathakurta; Bas Kolen, Bob Maaskant, Ira Helsloot and Bart Thonus; Javier Mainar; Patrick Lagadec; Ralf Beerens, Peter Glerum and Piet Schneider; Chris Phillips; Simon Langdon; Jason Hart; Ian Portelli and Mollie Marr; Marcos P Ramos and Raúl González; Gillies Crichton; British Red Cross; TETRA


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