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Volume 14  Issue 3

14-3Comment: Weaponising strategic communication

Natural hazards: Climate: More than a storm in a teacup; Climate change and education; Looking on the bright side; Governance and informal settlements; Preparing for volcanic eruption

Extremism: Christchurch mosque tragedy; Protecting places of worship; Radicalisation detection; Countering violent extremism

Community & public: Empowering laypeople; Social media for emergency risk; Evacuating disabled children; Contingency planning for hospitals; Critical care on land or in the air; A risk mitigation in crisis response; A resilient approach to major events

Human factors & leadership: Everyone is biased; The unexpected crisis leader; What could possibly go wrong?

Kidnap, ransom & negotiation: Blackmail, extortion and witchcraft; Inside the ransom business; Corporate travel procedures; A behavioural-based approach; Psychological consultants; Traumatic incidents in hostile areas; Why do we need CISM?

Corporate resilience: Victims and villains; Corporate security technology; Supply chains: Global trends

R&D: Addressing the world’s water crisis?; Next Generation 112

Regulars: Event previews and diary dates; Frontline


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