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Volume 13  Issue 2

13-2Comment: Overcoming fear: harnessing the power of people

Features: Preparing for the dragon; Learning in safety; Disasters and the workplace; Earthquake response in Iran; Breaking California's wildfire cycle; Call for Disasters Inspectorate; Airport fi refighting in Mongolia; Arctic SAR in mass rescue ops

Disaster Risk Reduction: Reducing risk requires robust data; Disasters and opportunities; DRR technology; One city’s road to resilience

Fakes and truth: How safe are the products you buy?; Normalising the unthinkable; Cutting ‘fake news’ down to size; Fake news and the art of war

Mental health & resilience: Surviving a terrorist attack; Psychological fi rst aid for migrants; Normal reactions to abnormal events; Intergenerational trauma; Mental wellbeing in the workplace; Children and disaster resilience

Business & societal resilience: Blue whale challenge: Reality or myth?; Drug abuse: Tackling the source; Gender parity in BCM; Planning to fail?; Infrastructure crisis warnings; Community in disaster response

R&D / Technology: Innovation awards in Paris; Machine learning and social media; Communications and tribal entities

Regulars: Diary and events; Frontline


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