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Volume 13  Issue 3

13-3Comment: Reputational crisis

Humanitarian & Response: Humanitarian sexual abuse; Gender sensitive humanitarian action; A new phenomenon in seismic risk?; USAR capacity building in China; Air crash response; Rollercoaster incident; Managing the risks at sporting events

Water resilience: Learning from São Paulo’s water crisis; Can technology delay a water crisis?; Water and security; Floating cities; Management of dead bodies in water

Society, safety, security: Going underground; CBRN and medical preparedness; Nerve agent released in the UK; Holding your nerve; Childcare providers in disasters; Victims of explosive violence; Long-term conflict effects

Digital & Cyber: Automotive cybersecurity time-bomb; Data protection; Digital security in the Middle East

Organisational Resilience: Countering counterfeiting; Review of Manchester bomb response; When is stress a problem?

Regulars: R&D: Forensic video analysis; NIMS Part III; Frontline: Google’s crisis response


Floating Cities (589.8KB) 12/03/2021, Kishawn Kevin Gajadhar explores how realistic and effective the concept of ‘seasteading’ – self-sustaining floating cities – might be in the face of projected global sea level rises.
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