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Volume 13  Issue 4

13-4Comment: Daring to be different; Closing the gap

Resilience: Community cohesion; Growing resilience; Cascading consequences; Committing to change; Rohingya refugee crisis; Psychosocial care in Syria; Closure after disasters; Maritime urban disaster response; Globalism and world security

Security & Terrorism: Situational prevention; Hybrid warfare as a societal threat; Societal resilience and malicious actors; False alarms and mass alerts; Data breaches and disclosure; Online enforcement

Humanitarian cargo logistics: Exploring complex interactions; Logistical challenges; Global aviation resource hub; Big data and analytics

Travel risk management: Beyond the smoke and mirrors; Low threat, high fear; Beware the negligence trap; Spotting trouble; Travel risk planning; Survival packing; Air crash in Nepal

CRJ R&D: The sky’s not the limit; Social ties; Reducing congestion, saving lives

Regulars: Events; Frontline


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