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Volume 12  Issue 1

12-1Comment: Brexit: A European opportunity? Views from CRJ; Brexercise and testing: Blue skies ahead?

Features & Analysis: Spring flooding in France; Medical care for all victims of war; Fighting the nanoparticle war; Antimicrobial resistance; The global reaches of antibiotic resistance; Agriculture as a terrorist target; The ICDO and Swiss co-operation; Urban resilience: People, not technocrats; Mass evacuation mission; victim identification; Working together for safety in the Antarctic

Crisis management: Struggling with 'dark dynamics'; CM: From war room to boardroom; Terrorism, Security, Conflict; UK counter-terrorism strategy; Crime or terrorism: What’s in a name?; Civil protection in the hyper-terrorism age; Unlocking sustainable conflict resolution; NATO stability policing; Countering the insider threat; Working in hostile environments

Public safety: Preparing the public for terrorism; Social media: A two-way street; An ear to the ground or head in the sand?

Technology: Emergency incident management; R&D: Robots that assemble themselves; R&D: The potential of apps to save lives

In-depth: Hashtag hazards; 21st century incident command systems; Addressing terrorist mindsets; Prevention or liability?; Firefighting in tunnels

Regulars: Books; Events; Looking Back; Frontline

Authors: Alex Townsend-Drake; Alina Alexe; Andrew B Brown; Casey Brunelle; Christian Brauner; Christine Jessup; Christoph Schroth; Christophe Libeau; David Rubens; Dr Jay Levinson and Professor Abraham Domb; Dr Jörg Szarzynski and Dr Albrecht Beck; Dr Tony Jaques; Emily Hough; Ian Bogdanowicz and Emily Koehler; Ian Portelli; ICDO; Jan M Gutteling and Peter W de Vries; Joel Portice; Laura Kavanaugh; Marc Mendelson; Martin Boyle; Patrick Lagadec; Prince Michael of Liechtenstein; Rob Shimmin; Robert McAlister; Roger Gomm; Saskia Popescu; Serena Leone; Shandra Woworuntu; Steve Johnson; Susan Anson and Hayley Watson; Tony Moore; Vittorio Stingo


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