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Volume 12  Issue 3

12-3Comment: Since the publication of our last issue in December 2016, exciting changes have taken place.

Incident Analysis: The ethics of AI command; Fatal Italian mountain avalanche; High rise tragedy in Iran

Crisis Communication: Ensuring preparedness; Tweeting pressures; Stepping up online crisis response

Features: Mine clearance in Iraq; Psychosocial preparedness; A tactical medic’s perspective

Gamification: Virtual reality for first responders; Gamifying cyber security training

Threat landscapes: CBRN strategy in Austria; The consequences of piracy; Climate change and security; Global risk environment

Resilience: The role of lawyers in crisis response; Natural partners in city resilience; Humanitarian field exercises

Technological horizons: Space technology; Disaster metagenomics; Virtual Reality in PTSD and beyond; EENA and Waze join forces; Small drones in search and rescue

In depth: Early warning systems; Localising robotics for good; The nature of hypercomplex crises; Simulating tunnel fires

Regulars: Events; Looking back; Frontline

Authors: Eric J Russell; Luigi D’Angelo; Navid Bayat; Roger Gomm; Brian Dillon; Tim Lloyd; Nigel Ellway; Belinda Ekornas, Nils Petter Reinholdt; Emily Hough, Dr Matthieu Langlois, Laurence Marzell; Paddy Tomkins, Natalie Coull, Eammon Keane, Ian Donald, Ian Ferguson, Thomas Mitchell, V Smith, Erin Stevenson; Christian Resch; Cristoph Schroth; Caitlin E Werrell, Francesco Femia; Keith Ruddock; Butch Bacani, Evgenia Mitroliou; Joerg Szarzinski; Clemente Fuggini, Ivan Tesfai; Matthew Rusling, Carly Esteves, Ian Portelli; Anna Roselle, Carly Esteves, Matthew Rusling, Ian Portelli; Petros Kremonas, Alexis Gizikis; Gemma Alcock, David Lane; Marlon Clarke, Danielle Evanson; Andrew Schroeder; David Rubens; Christian Brauner; Tony Moore; Emily Hough, Alaa Murabit.


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