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Volume 12  Issue 4

12-4Comment: The fickle finger of fake; Vehicles as terrorist weapons

Terrorism & Security: Disrupting the path of least resistance; Radicalisation in Central Asia; Lessons from the Lindt Café siege; Explosive threat mitigation in Iraq; Treating Afghanistan’s victims of war; The Grenfell Tower tragedy; Ransomware: The trap within the trap; Getting to grips with cyber security

Emergency management: What does resilience mean in the UK?; Organisational resilience; Alternative community crisis paradigm; Workplace violence crises; Emergency management on islands; Ground search and rescue

Artificial Intelligence: Leveraging AI for good; Shaping Artificial Intelligence’s future;

Space technology: We are the Space Race; A view from above: Earth observation; Space and the Sendai Framework; Governance and ICT solutions; The threat of orbital debris;

R&D/Technology: 3D printing in healthcare; Drones for emergencies; Computer modelling in large incidents

In Depth: What is the impact NIMS?; Robotics for Good: Part III; Firefighting in tunnels: Part IV; Early warning on small islands: Part II

Regulars: Events; Looking back; Frontline


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