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Volume 11  Issue 1

11-1Comment: Crisis response and critical austerity

Interviews: Joining up the dots; Crisis communications in action; Humanitarian solidarity in the EU

Analysis and incidents: Hostile environment safety; Personnel safety in the Arctic; Mudflow disasters in Georgia; Heat wave lessons from India; Heat wave in Karachi

On exercise: Emergency camp management; Cross-border co-operation

Terrorism and Security: Terrorist attacks in June; British Red Cross response; Live counter-terror exercise in London; Testing brigade procedures; Cyber incidents: The tip of the iceberg?; Threat intelligence feeds

Communities and resilience: Mega-mall protection; Medically vulnerable populations; Public health and resilience; A bottom-up approach; Population preparedness; Social vulnerability; City resilience; Crowd response psychology; Involving communities; Riding the storm

In-depth: Gender equality in civil contingencies; Treating PTSD in Israel’s Police; PTSD and resilience in firefighters; Advanced situational awareness; Legal liability in nuclear accidents; Effective decision-making records; Landslide search and rescue

Regulars: Events; Looking back; Europe; Frontline

Authors: Emily Hough; Matthew Ellis; Marc Lerchs; Christos Stylianides; Battleface; Callum Kelly; The Emergency Management Agency of Georgia; Satish Kumar Dogra; Luavut Zahid; Vlatko Jovanovski; Christo Motz; Lina Kolesnikova; British Red Cross; Brian Dillon; Allen Perez; Dave Sloggett; Christopher Morgan; Michael Kelly; Ian Portelli, Megan Mantaro and Andrew Guo; Raphael Barishansky and Audrey Mazurek; Giuseppe Guarino; Hara Caracostas; Denise D P Thompson; Magnus Qvant; Chris Cocking; Ian Wilson; Gary Villeneuve; Andy Marshall; Jay Levinson, Mordechai Cohen and Avraham Domb; Marc Ardon; Bukhtiar Mohsin; Alina Alexe; Roger Gomm; Thomas J Richardson; Tony Moore; Per-Øyvind Semb; Giles Duley


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