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Volume 11  Issue 3

11-3Comment: The geopolitical aspect of the global migration

Features: Proposed chapters an section of the book; World Civil Defence Day; Flood response in Georgia; Interoperability utopia; Why do we still make the same mistakes?; INGO kidnap – a challenging new dynamic

Incident analysis: The Bacha Khan University attack ; Support in victim identification processes; Earthquake public preparedness

Conflict and displacement: Iraq’s mental healthcare crisis; Sexual violence in conflict; Mass sexual abuse: Portent of wider crisis?; Displacement crisis in Europe; The border security paradigm; Picking up the pieces: UXO in Syria; Urban services in armed conflict

UNISDR science event: The North Atlantic and weather extremes; The North Atlantic and weather extremes; Simulation aids training in Japan

Medical response: Simulation aids training in Japan; Casualty management in counter-terror

Technology: Casualty management in counter-terror; Critical space infrastructure and security; Critical space infrastructure and security; Critical space infrastructure and security; Spatial information sharing; Innovation in crisis; Innovation in crisis

In Depth: Innovation in crisis; Effective decision-making records

Regulars: Events; Books; Looking back; Frontline

Authors: Zain Daudpoto; Vladimir Kuvshinov; Brian Dillion; Caroline Sapriel; Chief Inspector Andrew Brown; Luavut Zahid; Erik de Soir; Dyan Mazurani & Phoebe Donnelly; Lina Kolesnikova; Marcia Kammitsi & Lisa Hastert; James le Mesurier & Ethan Wilson; Michael Talhami, Jean Philippe Dross, Evaristo de Pinho Oliveira, Javier Cordoba & Dr Mark Zeitoun; Dr Aurelie Duchez; Dr Abror Gadaev, Gulmira Boboeva, Dr Erkin Isakov, Dr Salim Saidov & Ilkhomjon Niyazov; Sonoe Mashino; Monique Pariat; Ian Portelli & Megan Mantaro; Alexandru Georgescu; Ryan Meeks; Dr Hayley Watson, Kush Wadhwa & Susan Anson; Ivan Baehr; Dave Sloggett; Alina Alexe; Roger Gomm; Tony Moore; Dr Martina Fuchs; Evgenia Mitroliou; Emily Hough; Alys Brown; Dr Attila Freska; The Service Medical du RAID; Dr Liviu Muresan & Alexandru Georgescu


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