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Volume 10  Issue 1

10-1CRJ ten year retrospective; Building safety concerns in India after collapse; Climate change and the Fire Service in Queensland, Australia; Partnership peer review process.

NGO feature: Search & Rescue in Iran; Staffordshire (UK) Search & Rescue Team; Focus on EURACARE, EUTAC TAST and EURAMET; Exercise Angel Thunder.

Terrorism & Security: Gender-based violence as a terrorist tactic; Mapping out Pakistan's terror groups; Chemical weapons threat.

Smart, resilient cities: Interview with Sir David King of Future Cities Catapult; 100 Resilient Cities Challenge; Johannesburg profile; Project Sunrise at Lille University, France.

Future technology: Smart cities, empowering people; Spatialised social networks; Evolutions in disaster medicine; Real-time innovations in disaster response; Human agent collectives; Drones and UAVs in emergency situations; Space-based observation data potential.

In-Depth: Business excellence and new technology; USAR in an active war zone; Beyond the resilience apex - leadership in business continuity; Facing biological risk - bacterial resistance to antibiotics.

Plus: Civil protection in the Republic of Georgia; EU response to Balkan floods; Bhopal 30 years on; Frontline: overcoming trauma.

Authors and contributors: Tony Moore, IPCEM; Satish Kumar Dogra, India; Shan Raffel, QFRS; Helen Braitwaite, OBE, DCLG UK; Behrouz Moghaddasi, Iran; Rachel Good, SSART; Andy Marshall, Rhead Group; BrigGen Alois Hirschmugl, Austria; David Jones, Rescue Global; Lina Kolesnikova, Burssels; Dr Dave Sloggett, UK; Sir David King; Rockefeller Foundation, US; Hilary Phillips, South Africa; Isam Sharhrour, PhD, Professor, University of Lille, France; Robert Ouelette, MESH Cities, Canada; Dr Herve Borrion, UCL, UK; Brent Dibble, MD, MBA; Nadia Elkarra, MD; Megan E Mantaro; Ian Portelli, PhD, MSc; J P Vielleux, FIT, USA; Glenn Smith, MapleBird, UK; Antje Hechteljen & Anna Pustina, UNOOSA; Mike Hall, New Zealand; James Le Mesurier; Brett Lovegrove, UK; Col (r) Assoc Professor Nicolae Steiner, MD, PhD, Romania; ICDO; Per Oyvind Semb, EU ECHO; David Smith.


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