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Volume 10  Issue 3

10-3Comment: Is humanity the collateral damage of terror?; Women and violent extremism

Terror & Security: January attacks in France; Hardening businesses against terrorism; SMEs also need to protect themselves; Pakistan school attack; Asymmetric attacks at sea

Disasters & urban resilience: Wildfires in South Africa; SAR after US mudslide; Resilience starts with people; Co-operation: A case study; Collective intelligence

Big data, cyber security: Making sense of big data; Cyber-consequences; Cyber threats: The ever-changing spectre; Humanitarian sector and cyber threats; Planning for the breach; International co-operation; Interview; Experiences of the military and disaster; Shaping humanitarian-civil co-operation; An ECHO perspective; Improving collaboration; NATO’s civil emergency planning

In Depth: A look towards 2050; ICDO Part III; Staff rotation in a crisis; Situational awareness; Hurricane Ivan ten years on

Authors and contributors: Christophe Libeau; Chris Phillips; Lina Kolesnikova; Luavut Zahid; Dave Sloggett; Hilary Phillips; Thomas J Richardson; Katrina Borromeo; Jay Levinson; Alejandro Salazar Ortuño; Ian Portelli, Ramin Bajoghli, Megan Mantaro and Amanda Horowitz; Andy Marshall; Chris Morgan; David Prior; Regina Phelps; Annemarie Zielstra, Eric Luiijf and Hanneke Duijnhoven; Emily Hough; Alois Hirschmugl; Eugene Gepte; Vera Mazzara; Heiko Herkel; Günter Bretschneider; Brett Lovegrove; Marijn Ornstein; Friedrich Steinhäusler; Jeremy Collymore


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