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Volume 10  Issue 4

10-4Comment: Facing up to robotic autonomy

News extra: ICDO update

Climate: Tackling the root causes, City resilience and the private sector, California’s ongoing drought

Incident analysis: Mini cyclone in Pakistan, Initial response to Nepal quake, Chemical weapons in Syria, Medics on the frontline

Security: Preparing for the unthinkable, Maritime supply chain security

WCDRR: The Sendai Framework: A look forward, Social and community perspectives, Building resilience, Science and technology, Mitigating seismic risk in Istanbul, Don’t sideline young voices, Gender and the Sendai Framework, Culture and heritage

Refugees and migrants: Attack the network, not the victims, Fire protection in refugee camps, Civil disturbance and xenophobia

Satellite technology: Interpreting imagery, Satellite services and disaster response, Tracking solutions

In depth: UAVs in crisis management, Women’s experience in civil contingencies, What has changed since Hurricane Ivan?, Search and rescue after landslide

Authors and contributors: Svein Tveitdal, Greg Lowe and Julia Brickell, William Peterson, Luavut Zahid, Arjun Katoch, James Le Mesurier and Ethan Wilson, Christophe Libeau, Carlo Zaglia, Roger Gomm, Simon Grantham, Paola Albrito, Mostafa Mohaghegh, Joachim Zeller and Enrique Guerrero Salom, Kevin Blanchard, Amina Aitsi-Selmi and Virginia Murray, Kazim Gökhan, Ariadyne Acunha, Marcus Dean and Giovanni Boccardi, Dave Sloggett, George Bryant, Hilary Phillips, Omar Iqbal, Clemente Fuggini, Andy Marshall, Clemente Fuggini, Thomas J Richardson, Jemilah Mahmood, Hilde Bohn


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