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Volume 9  Issue 1

9-1Comment: The safety curse; Resilience, heritage and climate;

Incident analysis: Chelyabinsk meteorite strike; Shell Pulau Bukom refinery blaze; Incident management for Japan; Disasters: Industrial vs natural;

On exercise: Tea and medals anyone?; Testing tactics and strategy;

Profiles: Building Fire Service capacity; Focus on Dubrovnik;

Safety & security: Focus on Nigeria; Hostile environment awareness; Public order policing;

Continuity & resilience: Business continuity at the UN; Collective intelligence; Critical infrastructure interdependence; Leadership and team skills; Resilience in Rotterdam;

In depth: Heatwaves, wildfires and public health; Aviation support; Defence training for civil emergencies; Command and control in a goldfish bowl; Press conference confidence; Lightning strikes; Chinese emergency management system;

Plus: European civil protection; Event review; Events; On the frontline;

Authors, contributors & interviewees: Friedrich Brohs; Yasmeen Lari; Lina Kolesnikova; Colonel Ling Young Ern and Colonel Anwar Abdullah; Arnold M Howitt, Haruo Hayashi, Hiromi Akiyama, and Herman B ‘Dutch’ Leonard; Dave Sloggett; Andy Marshall and Erie Braakhekke; Anita Buric; Patrick Mcilwee; Tom Kinderman; Roger Gomm; Brian Gray; Francisco Moreno and Alejandro Ortuna; Ana Laugé, José M Sarriegi and Josune Hernantes; Regina Phelps; Christo Motz; Ian Portelli, Amelia Schaub, Ramin Bajoghli, Alyssa DiCosmo and Silas Smith; Jon Gunns; Mike Hall; Anna Averkiou; Hilary Phillips; Kailbin Zhong and Xiaoli Lu;


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