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Volume 8  Issue 3

8-3Comment: Involving all elements of society

Interview: Updating the legacy of war

Educate: Promoting preparedness; National ShakeOut campaign; Safety versus survival

Weather: Hurricane Sandy; FDNY response to Sandy; Transport system collapse; Water, water everywhere

Prepare: Challenging risk in a dangerous world; What exactly are we responding to?; Large-scale terror and disasters; Real-time visual comms; Cubism, camoufl age and fish

Health: Situational awareness; Taking the trauma out of a crisis

In depth: Floodwater rescue; Climate change and urban response; Lessons learnt from major incidents; What is the true value of the Fire Service?

Authors: Lee Howell, Christo Motz, Maggie Silver, Dave Daigle and Catherine Jamal, Anita Komen, Hilary Phillips, Bill Peterson, Lina Kolesnikova, Dave Sloggett, Dennis Davis, Phil Wood, Nancy D Connell and Leonard Cole, Alois Hirschmugl and Harald Skinnemoen, Christine Jessup, Raphael M Barishansky and Audrey Mazurek, Patrick Rea, Ian Portelli, Ramin Bajoghli and Silas W Smith, Regina Phelps, Mike Hall


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