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Volume 7  Issue 2

Personal insights into lessons learnt and how the Japanese Government and people responded in the aftermath of the crises

Incident reports:
Sinking on the River Volga; Attacks trigger tough choices; Attacks trigger tough choices;

Paediatric emergency; Inter-agency working; Fighting the cybercriminals; Nuclear events; Community resilience

Can we handle nature’s new norm?; Climate change and emergency management; Cities and climate; Burnt, battered, drenched; The case for adaptation;

In Depth:
Wildfires in Australia; Resilience: The wider view; Improvised CBR attacks; Recovery management

Ahead of the game

Arjun Katoch; Lina Kolesnikova; Peter Craig; Hilary Phillips; David Holdsworth; John Lyons; Dr Dave Sloggett; David J Kaufman and Kathy Settle; William S Becker; John Labadie; Adrien Labaeye and Anke Stoffregen; William (Bill) Peterson; Dr Sebastian Catovsky; Dr Richard Thornton; Andy Oppenheimer; Edward Blakely; David Blore


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