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Volume 7  Issue 1

Initiative designed to support and develop strategic leaders’ capabilities to handle a multi-agency crisis

Incident Reports:
Further blow for Christchurch; Disasters strike Australia; Air rescuers put to the test; Japan’s great disaster; International USAR help;

Systems failure; New audits for new challenges; Protecting foreign nationals; Singapore resilience

Transport Resilience:
Contentious toll system; Keeping airports running; Fire response at Turkish Airlines crash; Volcanic disruption; Transport resilience in Victoria; Incident at Changi Airport;

In Depth:
Resilience: The wider view; Recovery management; Wildfire management; Transit systems as terror targets

Three crises in two months; Message alert

Andy Marshall; Emily Hough; Mark Kempton; Hilary Phillips; Arnold M Howitt and Herman B ‘Dutch’ Leonard; Patrick Lagadec; Lina Kolesnikova; Kevin Probert-Ehaver; Tony Pearce; Dave Sloggett; Ed Blakely; Luis Diego Román Madriz; Andy Oppenheimer; Henry Makiwa; Cassidian


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