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Volume 5  Issue 2

5-2INCIDENT REPORTS: Ignoring fire safety?; Mumbai terror attacks; Mumbai attacks: Instinctive resilience; New media’s moment in Mumbai

FEATURES: Rescue South Africa; Maritime economic terrorism; Commanding crises in Russia

CLIMATE CHANGE: Adapting to Europe’s changing climate; The deadly dozen

EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT: Tales from Oz; Changing how we think; A resilience infrastructure profile; Leading community self-preparedness

IN DEPTH: Emergency evacuation; Looking backwards; Leadership: The success paradox; CBRN-E; Wildland fires

PARTNERS: Psychosocial support after attacks; Situational awareness

REGULAR SECTIONS: Books, Events; EU civil protection; From the unknown; Lessons learnt

AUTHORS: Tony Oliver; Richard Bingley; Chris Battle; Ian Scher; John Astbury; Lina Kolesnikova; André Jol, Carlo Lavalle and Bettina Menne; Adam Crowe; Christine Jessup; Andy Marshall; François Maurer; Jay Levinson; Dr Isaac Ashkenazi, Dr Leonard Marcus and Dr Barry Dorn; Andy Oppenheimer; Johann Goldammer; Vanessa Spiller; John Morton


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