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Volume 5  Issue 3

5-3INCIDENT REPORTS: CBRN emergency in Spain; Italian earthquake

CONFLICT: Israeli Fire and Rescue; Gaza assessment; Response in South Ossetia

PROFILE: Russia and Europe working together

FLOODING: Testing co-operation; Should things go wrong...

FEATURES: Exercise evaluation; Time for an EU disaster relief force?; Protecting CNI via satellite; Robots to the rescue

IN DEPTH: Robotic senses for hostile sites; Complex emergencies in New York City; Looking backwards; Wildland fires: Mediterranean; Emergency evacuation; Chemical attacks in transit; Leadership: Avoiding the traps

REGULAR SECTIONS: Events; EU civil protection; From the unknown; Lessons learnt

PARTNERS: Sichuan quake; Resilient firefighting response; A common operational picture; Social media and risk communication; The risk imperative for PPE

AUTHORS: Dr Fernando Prados Roa and Juan José Giménez Mediavilla; Alessandro Paola; Adi Moncaz; Alexander Kuvshinov; Vladimir Kuvshinov; Peter Glerum; Bas Kolen and Ira Helsloot; Piet Schneider; Lina Kolesnikova; Hilary Phillips; Elena Messina; Hans De Smet, Carlos Pinzon and Jan Leyson; Ian Portelli and Mollie Marr; Jay Levinson; Gavriil Xanthopoulos; Arnold Howitt, Andrew Velasquez III, Mike Montgomery and Ellis Stanley; Andy Oppenheimer; Dr Isaac Ashkenazi, Dr Leonard Marcus and Dr Barry Dorn; Brendon Morris; Roger Diggle; Rod Stafford; Tim L Tinker, Michael Dumlao, Grant McLaughlin and David Fouse; Dave Frodsham


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