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Volume 5
Issue 4

When CRJ was launched five years ago, it was a very different world.

Some of the defining, yet unthinkable disasters – the Asian tsunami or Hurricane Katrina – had not yet occurred. Climate change was discussed in general terms; few considered how it would affect safety and resilience, nor its impact upon first responders. Nations, businesses and institutions were just beginning to wake up to the potential effects of a large-scale influenza pandemic. Social networking, and new media realities were still nascent concepts in response circles.

But some things have not changed. Communities are still struck by earthquakes; terrorists have claimed more lives across the globe; people die in fires; wildland blazes lay waste to forests, properties and livelihoods; and transport incidents still claim lives.

CRJ has evolved, reflecting interest from new disciplines in preparedness, but the journal still fulfils its core pledge to: “Promote the exchange of information necessary to help confront the ever-increasing hazards of the modern world.”

It is fascinating to re-read some of the discussions we’ve published that have developed into doctrines now utilised by industry and governments. Leadership and creative thinking are becoming valued once more as critical to the resilience of a nation, business or community.

And the limitations of government response are being recognised – the need for societal resilience and citizen self-preparedness are now on the agenda.

So a heartfelt thank you to our sponsors, our editorial advisers, our writers and our readers. Together, we have built a powerful and influential community. Whatever grim threats lurk over the horizon, we look forward to helping to confront them in the next five years and beyond.

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