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The pandemic: Society, psychosocial effects and mental health 

The year 2021 has universally been a difficult year for most people, particularly so for first responders and medical personnel, as well as businesses and society at large.

The effects of pandemic on soc

Aside from the immediate stresses and tragedy caused by the pandemic, the pernicious effects of Covid-19 have permeated throughout society, whether relational, social, occupational or financial, and have led to increased anxiety, depression, intimate partner violence, substance abuse and isolation. The effects upon younger and older generations are often even more acute.

The consequences of this – both at societal and individual levels – can be cataclysmic. What can we do now to help address the mental health crisis?

We hope that the next in the series of co-hosted webinars delivered by the Emergency Show (ES) and International Disaster Management Exhibition (IDME) and in partnership with the Crisis Response Journal, will help provide insight into the problem, as well as practical advice for those on the frontlines.

To be held on Thursday December 17 at 15:00 hrs (GMT), the webinar will be moderated by CRJ’s Emily Hough and feature Lyzi G CotaAmanda Coleman and Marcus Coleman.

Marcus Tillman Coleman Jr is a Senior Associate at HWC Inc in the US, a member of Harvard University National Preparedness Leader Initiative and Howard University Alum. Marcus focuses on the role of stakeholder engagement in strengthening resilience. He has written articles for the CRJ entitled, Supporting the medically fragile and socially vulnerable (CRJ 15.4) and A better normal: Building equity in crises (CRJ 15.2).

Amanda Coleman is a crisis communication consultant and runs her agency Amanda Coleman Communication Ltd. She has more than 20 years’ experience in leading emergency services communication teams and was head of corporate communications at Greater Manchester Police dealing with the Manchester Arena terrorist attack in 2017. Her latest article, Connecting with young people features in CRJ 15.4.

Lyzi G Cota is Founder and CEO of Lions Group Global and Global Mental Wealth. Strategic and Principal Partner of AOCI & GEC; advising defence, aerospace, mental health, crisis and emergency management organisations internationally. Her articles and blogs feature advice on people facing mental health issues. Her latest article Take a deep breath… is in the latest edition of the CRJ.

Click here for details on how to register for the free webinar. 

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