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From the ground up: PIX4D’s 24-hour User Conference 

September 2021: PIX4D, the market leader in photogrammetry solutions and CRJ Key Network Partner, is hosting a virtual User Conference on October 6, 2021
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The event will take place over 24 consecutive hours, with different sessions targeting different time zones. It will begin at 10:00hrs Central European Time (CET). The conference is PIX4D’s first since the 2019 User Conference, which took place in Denver, Colorado. This year’s event will be recorded, with material available to re-watch for six months after the event.

The conference will feature guest speakers who are expert product users and who will share their experiences. The speaker list includes: Douglas Spotted Eagle of Sundance Media Group on forensic photogrammetry investigations; our biggest single dataset project with Martin Merkhommer of Quantum Systems; and Logan Woolfson of Unitrans Africa on photogrammetry in precision agriculture. In addition, PIX4D product owners and developers will present the products they work on, including the new capabilities and features. As a result, the event will show PIX4D software in-depth and in-use, giving attendees the chance to ask questions of both users and developers.  
“We are very excited about the opportunity this conference provides, because we will be talking to users all over the world – live. We will hear about and connect with professionals using photogrammetry in all industries,” says Christoph Strecha, CEO and co-founder of PIX4D. “We wanted to find a way to meet everyone and stay Covid safe. Hosting an online conference is an exciting alternative, with the decision to hold it over 24 consecutive hours as a way of making it unique. We look forward to connecting with our users soon,” he continues. 

main pic2Christoph Strecha makes the opening keynote speech for the conference. Image: PIX4D  

The Pix4D User Conference 2021 will begin on October 6. Attendance is free for PIX4D account holders, with a small fee for non-users. It will be an opportunity to exchange ideas and best practices, as well as for users to talk to the people behind their products, inspiring each other to achieve more in the future. Registration is open here

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