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Volume 16 Issue 4 

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 Leonard Rubenstein discusses the drivers, logics and rationalisations of violence against healthcare

Afghanistan analysis: The increasing complexity of Afghanistan's issues; helping those most at risk to flee; and investment and donor issues

Security & analysis: Cyber-jihad in 2021; the propaganda machine; and SMEs and cyberattacks. We also look at the risks of electromagnetic pulse attacks and pyro-terrorism

Technology: Drones in emergency response; transferring military processes to civilian environments; and artificial intelligence

Leadership & crisis: Calls for a code of ethics and conduct for emergency planning; shocks on the horizon; pushing your boundaries; facilitators in crisis management; and building a crisis management system

People & development: Cross-sectoral resilience networking; mentoring and development; maintaining the functional fitness of healthcare personnel; and burnout

Leadership & change: Systemic change in complex times; living in an age of flux; and how the mind works in a crisis

Focus on the USA: Guest editor, Jennifer Hesterman introduces three experts from law enforcement, fire and rescue and emergency response to take the pulse of crisis and emergency management in the USA

Interconnections: Universities building disaster resilience; keystone cities; and questions to ask a donor in a crisis

Plus: Shaping future responses; events; and Frontline - Claire Sanders speaks to Lorraine Wapling about disability inclusion


Drones in emergency response (861.4KB) 08/12/2021, PIX4D describes a use case that proves how useful drones can be during a crisis
Bridging the gap (961.7KB) 08/12/2021, Adam Berry reports on how military processes for crisis management can be applied to a civilian environment, with technology’s help
A moral compass (666.8KB) 08/12/2021, Beverley Griffiths calls for a code of ethics and conduct for emergency planning
Cross-sectoral resilience networking (878.0KB) 08/12/2021, The Crisis Management Innovation Network Europe brings practitioners and policymakers together, says Jon Hall
Leaders in flames (745.1KB) 08/12/2021, Burnout is not only about the front lines, says Eric McNulty. Here’s how to be ready to lead when it matters most
Universities building disaster resilience (743.0KB) 08/12/2021, Nadine Sulkowski describes how governments and supranatural institutions can play a critical role in fostering policies concerning the cohesion and prosperity of society and environmental sustainability
Free to read: Questions to ask a donor in a crisis (717.7KB) 08/12/2021, When a billionaire offers to help in the recovery from a crisis, what should your reaction be? Rob Shimmin investigates
Shaping future responses (895.0KB) 08/12/2021, Why do we seem reluctant to learn lessons and apply them, particularly when responding to a crisis? Jeannie Barr explores
Events (856.0KB) 08/12/2021, EENA Conference 2021: Major Events International; and PIX4D Virtual User Conference
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