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From risk to resilience 

Urgent action is needed to address Asia Disaster Management both now and in readiness for the future. The Asia Disaster Management and Civil Protection Expo and Conference (Adexco 2023) has a remit to strengthen Asia’s disaster management capabilities, bringing together expertise to protect its rich civilisation and heritage.

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Indonesia is a naturally disaster-prone country, often referred to as the ‘Disaster supermarket’. It has the third highest-population in Asia with 262 million people, 40 per cent of whom may become victims of natural disaster in the future. 

The country also has an abundance of natural resources but comes with its own geological and hydrological challenges. There are 407 climate patterns with 342 season zone patterns, 65 non-season zones and 500 volcanoes located at the meeting point of three lithospheric plates. Indonesia sits between the Pacific and Indian oceans. 

These factors combined, plus extreme weather events resulting from climate change, have a huge effect on the frequency and range of natural hazards.

Adexco 2023 will deliver a major international exhibition of disaster management companies and stakeholders, accompanied by high-level conferences and workshops, with the CRJ team helping to curate the content. Not only for government and private sector, Adexco 2023 will also be open to the public, running education programmes to inform and campaign for preparedness, response and recovery at the local level. To reduce the effect of future disasters, resilience must be built into the government, infrastructures, transportation systems, economy, and people’s livelihoods on an ongoing basis, says the organiser. 

The events will bring together stakeholders and professionals from governments, NGOs, aid agencies and charities, international development agencies, development banks, police and military, law enforcement, search and rescue, emergency response, logisticians, critical national infrastructure, private sector, consultants and contractors.

The Asia Disaster Management and Civil Protection Expo and Conferences (Adexco), take place in Jakarta, Indonesia, on March 2–4, 2023 and Bali on May 23–28, 2023. Click here for more details and read about Indonesia’s journey towards national resilience in the next edition of the CRJ (17:3)

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