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Volume 17 Issue 3

FrontCoverOut soon!

News and comment: Professor Albert Weale suggests that we need a new social contract and that public policies should be based on the facts of the human lifecycle

Emergency management: The moral compass; hubris, hierarchy and humanity - a chat with Professor Lucy Easthope; talking preparedness; legal facets; national resilience in Indonesia; interview with Wake Smith on climate technology

Leadership: How competencies are shifting from what to do, to who you are; how empowering and motivating frontline responders benefits organisations; anthropological analysis of Covid-19 response; the power of oration; and the importance of creativity

Public safety & security: Information warfare; psychological operations and commercial disinformation; the perils of 2G and 3G switch-off; urban security; crowded venues; societal effects of disaster; escalation of mass shootings; and conflict ones and crime

Violence, trafficking & abuse: Domestic violence in Ukraine; domestic violence and disasters; climate and modern slavery; interview with Purna Sen on sexual aggression

Space: An introduction as to why we should all be aware of future hazards in outer space; the new iron curtain - natural risks and antagonistic threats; health risks and outer space; space capabilities; environmental and geopolitical complexities; a tragedy of the commons; and the risk to first responders

Plus: News, events and frontline


Free to read: A new social contract (1.0MB) 05/09/2022, As a starting point, let’s take the idea that public policies should be based on the facts of the human lifecycle, writes Professor Albert Weale, adding that ideas of precaution and the provision of public goods would be central to this
Free to read: Towards national resilience (914.5KB) 05/09/2022, Ahead of next year’s Adexco conference in Indonesia, Raditya Jati describes the leaps and bounds the country is making towards implementing its concept of ‘risk to resilience’ and the importance of factoring in community wisdom
Covid-19: A university experience (826.2KB) 05/09/2022, Based on dozens of interviews, anthropologist Melissa Schrift examines one university’s leadership response to a panoply of challenges brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic
Free to read: Breaking the silence on sexual aggression (762.2KB) 05/09/2022, Emily Hough speaks to Purna Sen about a call to set up an independent panel to review problems and set out a road map to address sexual aggression at – or in the name of – the United Nations
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