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Volume 18 Issue 1

COVEROut now!

News and comment: UN's Sustainable Development Goals, keeping in mind the global crises at play; insights into effective emergency planning; and crisis planning in times of great turbulence


Crisis leadership: This edition takes a look at the ethics of becoming good, effective leaders, how to maximise the impact of resilience through relief funding, the need for personal resilience, and learning the lessons from the world’s permacrisis state


Climate & unrest: How does climate change influence unrest around the world? Our authors explore the link between heatwaves and violence globally. The UK is expecting another drought, but did it need to? 


Hazards: From Santa Catarina’s 2008 floods that led to no deep learning, to the recent earthquake devastation in Türkiye and Syria, this edition explores hazards and how states interact with the lessons they are forced to learn. Bill Peterson explores the Ohio Train derailment and its subsequent aftermath


Protests vs riots: Psychology behind collective action; gun violence in the US becomes the leading cause of death for children; extremism and populist leaders, and how the two interact to create unrest in Latin America; interviews with key Latin American thinkers on the current situation and future prospects


Refugees: Migrants and economic opportunity vs refugees fleeing dangerous situations, how are Schengen states tackling the influx of people looking for a better, safer life? Lina Kolesnikova takes a look at the situation


Shreyas Jayakumar takes a look at the work being undertaken by The Azadi Project to help refugee women thrive against all odds


Technology in times of trouble: Virtual assistance in disasters; using TikTok as a tool for information


Health: Mental health for first responders; the evolution of public health emergency preparedness in the US; and the Engage project


Plus: News, events and frontline


Free to read: Enhancing preparedness against quick clay landslides (346.3KB) 14/04/2023, Alexandra Olson explores the work being done by the Trondheim Red Cross to strengthen local communities against quick clay landslide disasters as a part of the Engage project
Free to read: Emergency services and harnessing the power of TikTok (399.5KB) 14/04/2023, Emergency services staff or social media stars? In today’s world, you can be both writes Amy Leete
Free to read: An avoidable ‘natural’ hazard? (719.3KB) 14/04/2023, The UK is expecting another drought. Robert Field and Albert Weale dissect all the ways this could have been avoidable...
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