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David Prior

David Prior Founder and CTO, Xuvasi Ltd. Founder and CTO, Resilio Ltd, is an entrepreneurial technology innovator with over 26 years of experience in multiple industries worldwide. After previous lives in corporate ICT, market research and analysis, defence research and development, and large-scale security systems integration, David is now focused on the growth of Xuvasi Ltd, a bespoke research and development studio, and Resilio Ltd: a spin-out from Xuvasi focused on the provision of tools and services that enable holistic resilience. Dividing his time between London and Dubai, David lives in a polychronic online world where, to the amusement of those around him, it is always ‘now’. Spending far too much time on planes, powered by caffeine and curiosity, David is constantly encouraged to see the way he thinks about the world reflected in the comics of XKCD.
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