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David Rubens

Dr David Rubens DSyRM, CSyP, FSyI is MD of Deltar Training Services Ltd. He is a Chartered Security Professional (CSyP) and has served two terms as a Main Board Director of the UK Security Institute. He holds a Doctorate in Security & Risk Management from the University of Portsmouth, UK, writing his thesis on strategic management and critical decision-making in hyper-complex crisis environments. The thesis developed models of strategic management at the extremes of organisational complexity, looking at issues of capability development, decision-making and multi-agency interoperability in highly unstable situations such as natural disasters, corporate failures and government-level crisis management scenarios.

David completed his MSc in Security and Risk Management (2006) at Leicester University, where he is also served a visiting lecturer and dissertation supervisor on their Security, Terrorism and Policing programme (2006-12), and was a visiting lecturer on the Strategic Leadership Programme at the Security and Resilience Department, Cranfield University, UK Defence Academy (2009-’0), focusing on terrorism and public policy, and the management of large-scale, complex multi-agency operations.

He is currently an associate lecturer at University of Portsmouth and a visiting lecturer on the MA in International Security Management at University of Berlin, Germany.

Rubens has written government-level research papers and reports on all aspects of security management, from national-level security sector restructuring, through to post-disaster analysis for government agencies in Japan, Russia, Dubai, Nigeria, Liberia and the UK.

David currently runs certificated training programmes for strategic risk and crisis management around the world.