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Our world is increasingly defined by rapidly moving events that require an immediate response. These events can surface anywhere, at any moment, from any information source – and can impact operations in unforeseen ways, creating risk and missed opportunities 

Dataminr contributes to your productivity, delivering real-time alerts from across the public information landscape, so you are always aware of what’s important and can make confident, informed decisions. With Dataminr, security professionals are in the best position to create opportunities for seamless response – managing information chaos, protecting your people and your assets, and keeping your operations moving. 

Comprehensive View 

Receive real-time alerts from a range of publicly available information sources across geographies, languages and topics, so you know more, more completely. 

Faster Decisions 

Dataminr connects disparate pieces of information and delivers event summaries in real-time, ensuring a more complete understanding of events taking place. 

Relevant Information 

Dataminr delivers the right information to the right people at the right time, so you have what you need—and only what you need—to make decisions. 

Full Context 

Dataminr provides the most complete information in the moment, and delivers follow ups as events unfold, ensuring ongoing situational awareness.

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