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Crisis Response Journal Crisis Response Journal


Resilio makes time. Time to see, understand, think, decide, and act before emerging events cause material, financial, or reputational loss. We do this through the application of a clever software platform that is capable of assessing, and providing insight into, millions of events a second. Resilio capability amplifies people: actively working alongside human operators to deliver contextually relevant insight: across all sources, in real time, and at global scale. We’re not about replacing people but, instead, are focused on helping them be better in their role by handing off often mundane, repetitive, and unproductive tasks to machines which, in turn, frees up the people to apply their intellect, wisdom, and creativity in more valuable ways. For our clients, whatever their sector or domain, Resilio delivers first-in-kind capability creating a step-change in operational integration, performance, and resilience.