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Luavut Zahid

KNFSlVDA 400x400Luavut Zahid is CRJ's current Publishing Editor. She was formerly a correspondent with the publication where her work focused on Pakistan and South Asia. She tweets @luavut. 

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Luavut Zahid, CRJ’s Pakistan correspondent, takes an in-depth look at the implications for those fleeing Afghanistan
Luavut Zahid, our Pakistan Correspondent and Blog Editor, commissioned this piece because: “Pakistan has a real problem in terms of child protection mechanisms. Child registration is a large part of how a child can fall through the cracks and not get acce
As reported in our CRJ blog of August 2015, the authorities in Pakistan’s Capital of Islamabad have begun a drive against 42 slum areas in the city, writes Luavut Zahid. Here, she looks at the harsh conditions experienced by Afghan refugees who live in th
Pakistan Correspondent and Blog Editor Luavut Zahid says that the country needs to find an effective and sustainable path, leading towards increasing the resilience and adaptive capacity of communities and natural systems, as well as contributing to globa
CRJ’s Pakistan Correspondent and Blog Editor Luavut Zahid commissioned this piece after a trip to Nepal where she observed first hand damage caused by this year’s earthquake. The author, Sana Jamal, looks at an important aspect of rehabilitation after an
I commissioned this piece by Hurmit Ali Shah because it helps give a better shape to understanding what really happened in Swat, how a place that was known for its beauty was turned into a chaotic hotbed of terrorist activity. Swat helps teach Pakistan ma
Luavut Zahid is on assignment in Nepal; here, she reports on how the poorer citizens of Nepal are struggling to get back on their feet after the earthquake earlier this year.
The reason for commissioning this piece was simple, writes Luavut Zahid, Editor of our Pakistan blog. Pakistan does not have a favourable track record of taking care of its children.
Pakistan already has an abundant supply of refugees and temporarily displaced people, so why it would chose to add to those numbers through its own actions is confusing to say the least, says Luavut Zahid. Here, she investigates the controversial slum cle
Access to healthcare is a problem that seems to make itself obvious every few weeks in Pakistan, says Luavut Zahid, who has commissioned this blog. People in urban centres often complain of the quality of healthcare and facilities available, and the situa
In this regular blog, researched and commissioned by CRJ’s Pakistan correspondent Luavut Zahid, Hurmat Ali Shah – a freelance columnist and PhD candidate – looks at the issues facing Internally Displaced Persons in Pakistan.
The disaster risk reduction community is increasingly emphasising the vital need to include marginalised - and the most vulnerable - groups so as to help build greater resilience, while other groups are looking to the role of women to help counter violent
In this regular blog, researched and commissioned by CRJ’s Pakistan correspondent Luavut Zahid, freelance environmental writer Amar Guriro describes the continued plight of former agricultural workers displaced by Pakistan’s ‘Super Flood’ of 2010.
Seventeen months after an earthquake devastated the district of Awaran in Balochistan, promises of reconstruction and assistance appear to have floundered, writes Adnan Aamir. And this is dangerous because the area is already epitomised by mistrust of the
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Luavut Zahid
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