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Strengthening local resilience  

December 2021: CRJ Key Network Partner Initsys shares news of a new organisation that aims to develop hubs to support the UK’s local resilience forums and local government, in order to help streamline processes and develop networks

Local Resilience
Disjointed, secrecy and a misunderstanding of the complexity and cascading nature of risks are some of the words that the House of Lords Select committee used to describe the UK Government's Risk Assessment and Risk Planning in the review published on December 3, 2021.
Local Resilience is a new, not-for-profit business built on an established operational risk management platform that provides a scalable and effective way of dealing with community incidents, meanwhile filtering and escalating those that matter to the next level.
Local Resilience hopes that Government will take this opportunity to utilise the tools it has built to provide a method of rapidly making a network of incident management hubs. These hubs support local resilience forums and Local Government, thus escalating and recognising national emergencies faster and more effectively.
The Local Resilience system includes the ability for stakeholders to initiate incidents, manage incidents and report on them. Local Resilience will locate and warn of climate and other environmental changes affecting a nearby community with a comprehensive mapping interface; it also plots and displays incidents in real-time.
To discover more about Local Resilience, please visit here

Image: Ripat/123rf

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